Hilary Swank Will Take Any Job She Can Get

April 24th, 2007 // 5 Comments


So that explains “The Reaping,” “Red Dust,” “The Core” … The girl just doesn’t know how to say no.

Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank has no regrets about taking less-than-stellar bit parts after moving to Hollywood in the 1990s because they taught her everything she knows. The 32-year-old eagerly accepted every role that came her way, including a brief part on TV show Beverly Hills, 90210.

She tells Moviehole, “I never knocked a job and I took any job I could get, especially in the beginning and was never a snob about it – I still aren’t. But you look at a lot of people’s careers – everyone kind of did that. You take a job where you can for a couple of reasons. One, you need to live, and you don’t want to just be a waiter, but you want to make some money, but more importantly, I never knocked an opportunity to learn, and there was so much to learn.

“Every bad movie of the week, every bad TV show, anything that I did, was preparing me for, hopefully, an opportunity that I was going to have. You know that great saying – the definition of luck is when preparation meets with opportunity.”

Tell us again what “The Reaping” is preparing you for?

More photos of Hilary Swank and boyfriend John Campisi are after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. spark

    “I still aren’t” ???

  2. Yummsh

    I agree with her. Work is work, and to turn down jobs because your ego gets in the way is the very same brand of ego-driven Hollywood bullshit that can kill a career much faster than even the shittiest of movies can. You start turning down too many jobs because you think they’re beneath you, and before you know it, directors stop asking because they think you’re an uppity bitch.

    Seriously, though – ‘I still aren’t'? WTF is that?

  3. Yes, “I still aren’t” –’tis truely a shame! BUT we all know that our loveable, glamorous, and down to earth Ms. Swank had a Hilbilly/Backwoods upbringing. That’s why I like her so much. I think we can forgive her. Still I totally paused, and laughed out loud to myself when i read it.

  4. T-Bone

    There’s something sort of sweet and naive about her. I hope that never changes, because it sets her apart from the other self-absorbed, self-important actresses her age. I mean seriously … have you seen Boys Don’t Cry? She was beyond amazing in that movie!

  5. Loob

    Ahaha! Exactly the first thing I noticed!
    “I still aren’t”?!

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