Hilary Swank Goes Public With Her New Relationship

December 20th, 2006 // 6 Comments

After filing from divorce in May of this year from her husband, Chad Lowe, it seems Hilary Swank has found love again–and she’s mixing business with pleasure. FemaleFirst.co.uk reports:

Newly-single actress Hilary Swank has confirmed she is dating her agent John Campisi. The Oscar-winning star filed for divorce from her husband of nine years Chad Lowe in May (06). Swank says, “I’m dating a great guy. You rely on your friends when you go through something so big. My friends are my family.”

I know this is superficial and probably not in good taste (let’s be honest, though–those are probably my best qualities) but congrats, Hilary, on winning the break-up, cause by finding someone to share the holidays with before your ex basically means that you win. As long as she can hold on to him till Valentine’s Day, she can probably secure her lead through the Spring.

Swank Is Dating Her Agent. [FemaleFirst.co.uk]

By Lisa Timmons

  1. PopCultureQueen

    She was banging this guy when she left Chad… it was all over the papers…

  2. He’s married, too. He and his wife weren’t even separated when Hilary left Chad.

  3. a friendly waitress

    hilary and john have come into the restaurant where i work a few times and, sorry haters — they are the real thing.

  4. keith

    she still looks like a farking horse

  5. No one

    He’s married with children and they were together when she was still very much still married to Chad.

  6. Dickie Hateface

    “sorry haters — they are the real thing.”

    I swear, my IQ drops two points every time someone says “haters.” It makes you sound like some gum-popping sixteen year old, which explains why you’re a waitress.

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