Hilary Feels That Flashbulbs are the Key to a Successful Relationship Unaware that the Good Charlotte Guy Has Dumped Her

We got two conflicting reports yesterday about Hilary and the guy from Good Charlotte. Hilary seems to think that they’re crumbling relationship is ok because they have to mask their constant fighting for the cameras. Good thinking. And over in Chicago, that guy from Good Charlotte apparently doesn’t think the paprazzai intrusion is working anymore as a relationship healer.


Pop star and actress Hilary Duff welcomes the constant presence of the paparazzi because it helps solve arguments between her and boyfriend Joel Madden. Duff and Good Charlotte frontman Madden are forced to smile in front of the cameras even if they are midway through a row, because they don’t want snaps of them arguing appearing in the press.

She says, “If we’re out some place, we could totally be fighting, but we’ll be looking at each other (smiling) because there’s a camera right there. Then we end up forgetting we’re in a fight, because we’re laughing since it’s not a real thing to do, and we’re both such real people.”

And over in Chi-Town:

Madden made a guest DJ appearance at Enclave on Wednesday night and openly talked about how he is currently single. Madden told clubgoers Duff broke up with him about ten days ago and that their eight-year age difference was causing problems. (Madden is 27, Duff is 19.)

After taking over the DJ booth, Madden mingled and took pictures with some ladies. Word is Madden partied at the club until close.

Whenever my boyfriend and I are having one of our vicious arguments on the way to a party, the phenomenon she talked about actually happens. You can’t roll up on someone’s graduation party verbally eviscerating each other about who was supposed to fill the gas tank. It kills the mood. You save that for later when you’re good and drunk and really ready to let loose. But in the case of Hilary and the guy from Good Charlotte, I’m guessing some phone calls need to be made or maybe someone should write someone else an e-mail. Because a Nikon shouldn’t be the only thing preventing you from killing someone.

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