Hilary Duff Visits Normandie Elementary School

I was fortunate enough to be on hand yesterday afternoon, when Hilary Duff ventured out to the Normandie Elementary School in Los Angeles, to celebrate the success of the “Blessings in a Backpack” program there. Hilary has been working with USA Harvest for the past twelve weeks, by providing over 72,000 backpacks filled with food, for students to take home Friday afternoons and enjoy over the weekend with their families. The young pop star and actress spent her visit helping the school staff stuff backpacks for the students, signed autographs and posed for pictures with students and parents during her visit. During an assembly following Hilary’s help with the backpacks, the students expressed their gratitude to Hilary by singing to her one of her own songs. I have to be honest–it was pretty damn cute. There were numerous PR and media peeps milling about and it was pretty hilarious to see all the kids running around, quizzing every woman they didn’t recognize in high-heels and big sunglasses, “Hey! Are you Hilary?”

The kids were adorable and Hilary seemed extremely sweet and genuine in person. After she was awarded a gift bag and ceremonial plaque, it was clear that she was sincerely touched by the display of appreciation and wiped back a few tears to pose for pictures. Even though girlfriend is tiny as hell, it’s clear that her heart is plenty big.

Many more photos of Hilary Duff from the event are after the jump.

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