Hilary Duff to Supplant Barbie

Hilary will be immortalized in Barbie-form, according to E! Online.

The A Cinderella Story star is taking on her most classic role yet, that of Mattel’s iconic fashion doll Barbie.

The Red Carpet Glam Hilary Duff Doll, decked out in a polka dot dress with a red satin sash, is headed for stores–and Lizzie Maguire fans’ Christmas stockings–this month. Other tiny outfits designed by Duff herself will also be available soon.

“Not only are [Barbie and Duff] two of the most stylish entertainers, actors and fashion designers, but they also show girls there are no limits to what they can do,” Jamie Wood, Mattel’s VP of Barbie marketing, said in a statement.

You can pull a cord on the back of the doll, and it says twelve different phrases, including:

  • “Those veneers really made my pronounciation unintelligible!”
  • “I make more than my sister!”
  • “Nicole Richie is a slut who deserves to go to jail!”

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