Hilary Duff & Penn Badgley Lock Lips On ‘Gossip Girl’

August 27th, 2009 // 2 Comments

Young television veteran, Hilary Duff has started shooting her scenes as a multi-episode guest star on Gossip Girl. And she’s kicking things off with a bang…or more specifically, with a smack of the lips.

Playing the movie star love interest of fellow co-ed Dan Humphrey (played by Penn Badgley), Duff and Badgley appeared somewhat nervous about their on-screen kissing scenes, making goofy faces in between takes and giggling.

Aside from any anxiety about their scripted PDA, Hilary sounds as if she’s been enjoying the experience. “Everyone’s been really, really gracious to me and sweet to me,” Duff tells People magazine. Give it time, honey.

Gallery Info: Hilary Duff
and Penn Badgley share a kiss on the set of Gossip Girl.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. sarah

    SHE IS SO NOT GOSSIP GIRL MATERIAL!!! I’m not going to say she is chunky because I’m sure in real life she looks fine… but the camera is not kind to her arms… or legs… or midsection. Yikes!

  2. brenda

    I agree she is NOT a Gossip Girl. Surely they can find attractive girls between 18-21 to play this role. If not, I have two really cute girls that could do it!!!!!!

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