Hilary Duff Not Into Short Guys

Page Six reports that Hilary Duff wasn’t having any of Entourage’s Kevin Connelly.

HILARY Duff is not yet over her breakup with Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, say spies who saw her and her sister Haylie club-hopping in Miami last weekend. Hilary brushed off the guys who tried to pick her up – including “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly. “Kevin got all upset when Hilary was seated next to another guy at Red Room,” said our spy, “and he hung around her until he got his chance.” Connolly chatted her up, but, “She looked really bored.” Connolly obviously didn’t get the hint and followed the Duff girls out at the end of the night.

He’s Nicky Hilton’s ex, right? Yeah, no one wants syphillis by association, Kev. Or some guy who’s eye level with your honeypot. No matter how beneficial it might be in the bedroom, it still makes for a weird prom picture.

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