Hilary Duff Gets Her Swerve on


The Duff sisters showed up already rocked at Hyde the other night, according to Us and proceeded to get low, get low. To the window, to the wall, (to dat wall) To the sweat drop down my balls (MY BALLS) To all these bitches crawl (crawl) To all skeet skeet motherf*cker (motherf*cker!) all skeet skeet got dam (Got dam) To all skeet skeet motherf*cker (motherf*cker!) all skeet skeet got dam (Got dam). Anyway, you get the idea. Oh, and they brought their fag with them and proceeded to tell everyone it was ok if he Ricky Vasquezed his mascara in the ladies room because he “had a vagina”. In fact, they were screaming it to anyone who would listen. GLAAD plans to bestow an award on them next month.

Hilary — who has been single since splitting in November from Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden (he’s currently dating Nicole Richie) — arrived arm-in-arm with her sis’ a little after 11 p.m., looking tipsy.

Hilary, 19, soon was teetering over to the women’s restroom with one of her girlfriends and a “flamboyant” male friend.

More on Hilary and her “flamboyant” male friend, plus more photos of the sisters, after the jump.

“It was kind of inappropriate,” the onlooker sneers. “She was pretty drunk and staggering around the bathroom, bumping into people and shrieking that her gay male friend had a vagina so it was okay for him to be there.”

I’d like to thank Us for replacing “obvious homosexual” with “flamboyant”. GLAAD is giving them an award, too. Anyway, I think Hilary should be allowed to blow off a little steam. Those veneers have been paining her for a long time now and Nicole Richie is bangin’ her man. Oh, why didn’t the Lord help a gossip blogger brotha out and have Nicole there for a drunken Hilary to take a swing at? Please god, let us get a repeat and some Nicole placeage.


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