Hilary Duff Gets Bitter And Judgemental

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MSNBC reports that Hilary’s talking trash about Nicole Richie for getting with her ex.

Duff has bad-mouthed Richie — who she thinks is a “skank,” according to Us Weekly.

Joel Madden, who is dating reality show star Richie and who used to date the “Lizzie McGuire” star is apparently at the center of the friction. Madden and Duff split in November, and although Madden has been loyal to Richie, he keeps calling his ex, according to the mag, but she doesn’t return his calls.

“[Duff] can’t believe he’s dating Nicole and thinks she’s a skank,” a source told Us, adding that when Duff heard about Richie’s arrest, “she asked if Nicole had been coming from Joel’s. … She kept saying she never knew Joel at all.”

So blame Joel. It’s not like Wrong Way On The Freeway Toothpick Girl took his ass from you. Why is it that the ladies always blame each other? Tina Fey was right! It’s girl on girl crime! Or cite the real reason. Those horrible veneers you were rocking for awhile. I just wanted to offer you a sugarcube. Just playin’, “Beat of My Heart” is bangin’.

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