Hilary Duff Feeds Some Folks

More than a year after Hurricane Katrina, Hilary Duff is still making contributions to aid the victims of the storm’s devastation. From Modern Guitars Magazine:

Internationally-celebrated, multi-platinum recording artist, concert performer, actress, designer, philanthropist and business woman Hilary Duff will continue her enormously generous charitable contributions to the victims of Hurricane Katrina with the donation of more than 200,000 meals to two shelters in Houston, TX. Duff has purchased these meals through USA Harvest, who she has done relief work and philanthropic donations with in the past, to be delivered to the Star of Hope shelter as well as the Harbor Lights Salvation Army shelter in Houston.

I find it admirable that Hilary’s continuing her efforts to help those Katrina victims, but seriously, girlfriend is looking so waif-like these days, it makes a bitch wonder if she shouldn’t grab one of those meals for herself.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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