Hilary Duff Claims Her Music Is Misunderstood

June 15th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Maybe Hilary Duff’s music isn’t so much misunderstood; I was thinking loathed. She claims that with radio refusing to play her songs, a disservice is done to her fans. She also slams critics who miss the point of her songs.

She tells MTV, “I feel like I do so much. And it strikes me that I don’t hear myself on the radio. “That critics don’t really talk about my music. I mean, a song like “Wake Up” is not for a 50-year-old man with arthritis who doesn’t want to get out of bed”

Maybe, the critics not having anything to say about her music, should be the clue that Ms. Duff needs. Stick to the acting sweetie, we’ll all be much happier.

Duff: My Music Is Misunderstood [contactmusic]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry

    Great, here we go again with the me! me! me! Some of these celebs need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize that they aren’t all that and a bucket of chicken.

  2. Jilly

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. doofus

    small fry, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    it drives me nuts that some of these celebs (like Duff) wonder why people aren’t rushing out to buy whatever product they put out…as if everything they do is GOLD.

    newsflash…I’d say the reason your music isn’t on the radio is because, well, it sucks. If you’re a decent actor/actress, don’t think you can automatically be a decent singer/pop star. or clothing designer. or children’s book author. or restauranteur. STICK WITH YOUR STRENGTHS.

  4. What music……!!!!!!!!!!???????????? Does she sings AT ALL?????????? dont think so….

    See Ya

  5. tahlullah

    mmm…bucket of chicken…

  6. Andraya Trybus

    Deliver us from the evil of these self-centered celebs.

    Next thing she’ll be expressing her “creativity” through PAINTING, and bitching why no one is buying her shitty artwork.

  7. urbancowgrl

    Jeez. She really is young if she thinks 50 year ols can’t get out of bed. She’ll be defending her age why she’s that age but hopefully she’ll drop out of sight LONG before then.

  8. KittyLiterati

    Of course her music is misunderstood (literally). Through those chicklet teeth, anything she sings is going to sound like The Sounds of Churchill Downs.

  9. vyolentz

    well, at least she’s not a hobag like paris and loho. does she sing well? my 4 year old loves her and i like it too cuz she’s on the walkman and he has the headphones……lol. cute girl, stay fresh and sweet, no need to taint the world with more freaks!

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