Hilary Duff Channels Ashlee Simpson

August 16th, 2005 // 30 Comments

Coincidence or not? Ashlee Simpson is now a blonde, and Hilary Duff is now a brunette black. Did they call each other up and say, hey let’s switch looks. Is the black hair suppose to lend some credibility to the singing?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jay

    Either way they still will suck musically. Hell both these dolts could die their hair green and some 12yr old withno guidance or tone adherance would still buy their garbage. lOL!!!!

  2. Cat

    She REALLY needs to hire new ‘people’. She looks like such a poser; not to mention that she just looks TERRIBLE.

  3. doofus

    although I’m sure it’s a wig, it STILL looks stupid.

    what I noticed most about the pic is that, although she enhanced her teeth, her boobs look to be natural.

    they’ll be next…I’ll bet next summer, we see her with larger ones.

  4. bad bunny

    it’s hard for me to believe this look on her…although i felt the same way when ashlee simpson did it too. i have to give them credit though for being so brave…black is a harsh hair color.

  5. jillisullivan

    It’s just a wig, guys. In the video for her new song, she changes her look a bunch. I’m sure the hair is just a “shout-out” to the video.
    However, for the record, she does have horse teeth.

  6. anni

    She too is in the early stages of the let us eat lettuce look. Those 12-year-old girls needed her to stay meaty, she let them down.

  7. Cynthia

    I find it sad that people will prostitute themselves to be a star. Starve yourself, change your look, surgery….anything to stay on top. It just isn’t worth it.

  8. jake

    i don’t get this look. it made sense on ashlee simpson. i dont get why people don’t let ashlee be; she has reasons to be nuts. ive had enough of duff. duff is so yesterday. and shes a horse, just like everyone else said.

  9. Jason

    Did anyone else notice her blatant lip synching?

    It sounded like her “back up track” dropped off towards the end, and you actually heard her sing a note or two.

    Completley off-tune.

    Charlotte Church might be slutty too, but compared to Ashlee, Lindsay and Hilary, she’s fucking Whitney Houston.

  10. Jew so crazy!

    Charlotte Church is fucking Whitney Houston? I didn’t know that. Jason where do you get your info from? lol

  11. mary

    Hilary! Whats the matter with you?

    She used to be such a cute, pretty girl (lack of talent, yes, but still cute). Now with her new big horse teeth and this stupid hair, she looks hideous.

  12. Laura

    the poor girl now has teeth like a HORSE! sheesh–people really need to learn to leave well enough alone (i.e. be happy with the beauty you were born with… or not!)

  13. mimi

    She has horse teeth and worse, she now looks like her sister haylie with the long chin and all. Poor girl… she used to be so damn cute.

  14. Sucker

    LOL, sorry but are you some ugly mf how donsen’t have a life? I know y’all want to look like Ashlee, Hilary or Lindsay but u can’t.
    You suck soo bad

  15. lalala


  16. Yea its a wig but this is her sad attept at being punk, she’s such a poser. I call it “The poser wig”.

  17. Gigi

    Cripes, she looks like Freddy Mercury in that top shot.

  18. lala

    she looks like that midget from the incredibles.

  19. sophie

    U guys should just leave her alone! If thats the way she wants to look then thats the way she wants to look it doesn’t matter what u guys think of it, if she likes it then its all good. I’ll admit she looks better as a blonde but if the girl wants to go black she wants to go black that doesn’t make her a poser! And she is a great singer and she does have talent if u guys don’t like her then stop bitching about the stuff you don’t like and concentrate on the stuff u do!

  20. hannah

    how could hilary do this to us o my gosh but i still like her!!!!!!!!

  21. yuyka

    All i can say is muhahaha

  22. Pieter

    She bears a lot of resemblence to a horse; she has the same cheek bones.

  23. maureen

    Hello peole that is the exact same WIG she used in her wake up video! DUHH
    shes saud in past inteviews that she dousn’t want to dye her hair brunette cause then she probubly wont be able to get itback blond!!

  24. kRISTIN

    Its called a fucking wig.. people.. she is wearing a wig.. Her hair is still blonde.. they just like 2 say she dyed her hair. . so people make stupid dumb ass comments. like omg .. i hope she dyes it back blonde..

  25. AJ

    Hilary is nothing more than a tool of the media. Just more crap MTV has manufactured for the industry. Nothing original about her at all.

  26. rubineli serrano

    hillary es la mejor , todos los que dicen algo acerca de ella es por que le tienen envidia.
    es cierto uno comete errores en la vida pero hay que darle oportunidad de que vuelva

  27. Dani

    Sophie, how can you admire someone who tries to be somthing shes not?
    wasnt she one of those people who said to think your beautiful the way your born? but then that little hypocrit gets these outrageously large teeth that resembles a horse, and this wig that makes her look a little too ready for halloween…

    she tells people to love the way they are, and then there she goes to change her self i hate hilary duff
    and i dont care if you disagree im just saying how i feel about what she says and what she does

  28. Dani

    it does look like shes attempting to be punk..after all there was this huge buzz about her and joel madden right??
    H is for hilary also for hypocrit, I is for Idiot in hilary, L is for loser also in hilary
    too bad there is no P for poser :)

  29. Mushtaq

    If she is a horse, then she is the most beautiful horse in history i rate her music and her hair

  30. Emma

    JEEEZ! You guys need to get a life!! First of all…im SURE that ashlee simpson is naturally blonde….and hilary duff is wearing A BLOODY WIG!! GET OVER IT…its in her new vid ‘wake up’… god you losers!!!!

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