Hilary Duff On Miley Cyrus

April 29th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Sorta/kinda dethroned tween princess Hilary Duff is weighing in on her replacement Miley Cyrus’ recent Vanity Fair photo drama. If you’ll recall, Hilary was the Miley Cyrus of her day (yesterday?). She had the hit Disney show (Lizzie McGuire), and the rest of it. Now she dates a hockey player and takes the odd film role to broaden her horizons. Anyway, she’s spoke up about Miley appearing with no shirt on in VF.

“Everyone goes through things and takes their own path,” Duff said while shilling her new film, War Inc., “Who am I to judge decisions that she made? People are pushing you to do something, and if you want to do it, that’s your choice, you know?” she said. “It’s not what I would choose to do, but if she did, then that’s fine. That’s her choice.”

Way to be diplomatic, Hil. You know you want to call her a slut. Just do it. Get that jealousy out.

Hilary also recently turned down a role in the new Beverly Hills 90210 sequel. There’s no accounting for taste. She’s too busy hanging out with her boyfriend, NHL player Mike Comrie and following his every move. Comrie plays for the New York Islanders, and she’s totally up his ass.

“[Hockey] has kind of been a new obsession,” Duff said “When I’m in New York, I’m going to hockey games a lot.”

As for those Hannah Montana photos, it’s so ridiculous. I’ve seen dirtier things on MySpace. Disney is stupid. The Cyrus family is stupid. Annie Liebowitz probably wants to go home to her girlfriend and have her hair shampooed and never deal with a tween superstar ever again.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

More photos of Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie doing some shopping are after the jump.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

By J. Harvey

  1. Ernestine

    I like Hilary. Always have. You know why? She’s NEVER whored herself out, and she’s a WAY prettier girl than Miley. The End.

  2. sandy

    I agree with Earnestine. We don’t need anymore skank ho’s. We need more good, clean-imaged girls. While JHarv is his usually funny self, I think Cyrus is done. No decent parent wants their daughter to admire/emulate/follow a skank.

  3. Amy

    miley didnt do anything wrong all she did was take mature, artsy photos that came out beautiful. all the publicity is making her hater her body. how DARE she feel she has to apologize for her desicions. Some of the pictures that were taken were with her FATHER for crying out loud. and her family was with her, if shes okay with it and her family is ok with it who the HELL are we to tell her otherwise?? God, leave her the HELL alone.

  4. stolidog

    i think britney needs to take this little girl under her wing and shelter her….am i right??

  5. jbonz

    Tell us Hillary: what do you think of liver and onions?
    “Well, I think that if a person is offered liver and onions and they are in a position and a place in their life where they feel they want to accept and they make that choice for themselves then it’s their decision on whether to eat liver and onions and I’m not going to say whether they should or shouldn’t eat liver and onions although I probably would not necessarily make that particular choice myself but…oh, they’re calling me. Gotta run!”

  6. hilary duffs num1 fan

    mike and hilary??? Mmmmmm great pair!!:)

  7. Hiary says

    hilary and mike is so cute together because they look so happy all the time Now!!!!!!!

  8. Hiary says

    hilary and mike is so cute together because they look so happy all the time Now!!!!!!!

  9. tiffaniqua


  10. cici

    i have always loved hilary duff ………………. from since casper and the friendy ghost!!!!!!!!!!! and we are both libras and she looks sooooooooooo hot in this pic…….. lol

  11. soaprivera

    idk wtf your talking about Hilary isn’t jealous of Miley she feels the same way about her as Madonna does about Britney. Miley is the Next Hilary just as Britney is the next Madonna and soon when Miley leaves Disney their will be a new disney princess and she will be the next Miley and it will continue so on and so forth DUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!

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