Hilary Swank Fires Members Of Her Staff After Chechen Appearance Debacle [VIDEO]

When Hilary Swank took the stage to wish Chechnya’s president Ramzan Kadyrov a happy 35th birthday at the beginning of the month in Grozny, she claims she wasnt’ brought up to speed on the autocratic leader’s violent background.  According to The Independent, Kadryov is widely-known for “torturing dissidents, killing political opponents, and encouraging citizens to abuse women who dress immodestly.”

After Human Rights organizations balked at Swank’s appearance at the Kardashian-like birthday bash, the Oscar winner claimed that that her team did not brief her on Kadryov.  She fired manager of eight years Jason Weinberg and a few others from her staff who didn’t do their homework before flying Swank over to Russia for a six-figure appearance fee (which Swank then donated to charity).

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“Hilary values her liberal credentials and is close to Michelle Obama. She’s really upset by what happened,” a sources says. “It’s partly her fault. But what can she do? She can hardly fire herself.”

Check out the video of Swank speaking at the event after the jump, which was also attended by Jean-Claude Van Damme and Seal.