Hilary Duff Tweets New Bangs

Hilary Duff got a new look over the weekend. The Cinderella Story star revealed her newly cut bangs on Twitter on Saturday and the Twitterverse went nuts.

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Hilary first posted a photo of her stylist cutting her hair and then followed up by tweeting: “Wow! Yes! A success! Thank god you guys love it makes me feel so good! Here’s one more pic just cause I liked it” along with a photo of the final look.

But it was a busy weekend for Hilary. After her haircut, the singer/actress headed to Atlanta, Georgia for a charity project on Sunday. She visited Bethune Elementary school to work with Blessings in a Backpack, an organization that provides less fortunate families with a backpack full of food for the weekend.

What do you guys think of Hilary’s new ‘do?