Hilary Duff Shows Off Baby Bump, Drinks Green Liquid [PHOTOS]

Hilary Duff goes for a ride
Duff and hubby Mike Comrie go on a bike ride.
Babies! Some may think that Hilary Duff is a baby herself, but the 24-year-old actress looks like she’s getting ready to pop that baby out any day now. Although, I do believe she has a few more months left to go. Hilary let the presses know back in August that she and husband Mike Comrie were expecting their first child, and she’s talked of nothing else since.

I must say, Hilary is looking quite good. In fact, I think pregnant Hilary is much prettier than non-pregnant Hilary. I think it’s the pregnancy glow. It could also be because Hilary is insistent on keeping her body in shape even through the pregnancy. Seriously girl? Just sit down, get a tub of ice cream and watch endless hours of Lifetime. The life.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of preggers Hilary. Also, what is that green stuff? Looks good. Also, also, I love that she has it in like a pasta sauce jar. So hipster.