Hilary Duff Baby Bump Watch

Child actress Hilary Duff is looking much more grown-up these days, counting a husband and a baby on the way! Here she is squeezing in some practice with a friend in the park, showing that pregnant or not she isn’t afraid to play in the sand. Hilary and husband, Mike Comrie hit the Coldwater Canyon Park in Los Angeles, CA as their Black Friday expedition, getting a day full of sun and relaxation. The soon-to-be mother laughed and enjoyed her day with her tiny pup in tow, leisurely playing in the grass and lounging at multiple rest “areas.”

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A relaxing day isn’t the only thing Hilary has been squeezing into her schedule; seen photographed hitting the gym to stay fit during her pregnancy, she has been opting for form fitting outfits. “In the beginning (of my pregnancy) I was thinking, I’m going to wear really loose things, because you don’t really look pregnant at first – you just feel a little bigger than your normal self. And now that you start to show I think it’s better to wear tighter things, but it’s kind of a challenge to find things!”