Hilary Duff Looks Cute In Overall, Apparently Flirted Up A Storm With Kellan Lutz

April 15th, 2014 // 2 Comments

If 12-year-old me knew that one day overalls would be fashionable again she’d be so excited.

Although sadly my overalls weren’t as snazzy as the ones worn by Hilary Duff earlier today. The singer and actress–who recently got her pilot picked up by TV Land–was spotted in Los Angeles today looking cute while visiting a friend.

You know, aside from those weird pants she wore that one time, Hilary is usually really on top of her fashion game. Even her Coachella looks weren’t that offensive

So, was anyone else interested by the fact that Hilary spent her Coachella weekend hanging out with Mike Comrie? You know, that guy she was supposed to divorce. Although, I do like the rumor going around that Hilary was busy flirting with Kellan Lutz and his muscles at Coachella–in front of Mike.

OK, so the story is from Life & Style, which means that it’s totally not true, but come one, how amusing is it? Gotta love made up stories. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Hilary’s overalls look. Think you could pull it off? Sound off in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. una

    I was totally gonna mock you if you believed that L&S story which I think they took from a made up blog. Hilary’s not immature not to mention she was cozy with Mike pics of her looking at him adoringly it appears they are or have reunited. Yay for a marriage being fought for!

    I love the look it looks custom made?? because I know the overalls I see are AWFUL and never fit well ! She even makes the faded green work.

  2. una

    her coachella outfit was the least try hard and attention seeking kudos. I would wear it and not be embarassed

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