Hilary Duff Is Not Dead

Fear not Lizzie McGuire fans, your goddes is safe. Actress Hilary Duff was the latest in a series of celebs to be forced into the media following rumors of her death. E! News reports that fans took to Twitter and other media sites to spread reports that Hilary had died by falling off the Kauri Cliffs at a luxury golf resort in New Zealand.

Hilary has now joined an elite group of celebrities who have all been pronounced dead on the internet. This list includes Jeff Goldblum and Brad Pitt, both of whom “died” falling off cliffs in New Zealand too, and Adam Sandler, Charlie Sheen and Owen Wilson who all “died” in separate snowboarding accidents in Switzerland.

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Since she’s not dead what has Hilary been up to recently? To be fair, she has been keeping a low profile of late, but that should change when her new ad campaigns hit stores. Other than that she’s been spending time with husband, Mike Comrie, and sister Haylie Duff. She even attended a jewelry show yesterday, pictures of which can be seen in the gallery.

What do you guys think of all these celebrity death hoax? I wish at least they’d be a little more clever. I mean, Adam, Charlie and Own all dying in Switzerland? Seems a bit much, no? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.