Hilary Duff Hunts For A Good Pre-School, Thanks Paparazzi For Luca Photo

Hilary Hits The Park
The mom enjoyed an outing with cute son Luca.
Can we all take a second and appreciate how perfect Hilary Duff’s family is?

I mean, she is looking fabulous these days. Her husband, Mike Comrie, is handsome. And her son, Luca, is definitely one of the cutest children in Hollywood. There’s just so much good stuff happening. Plus, she’s working on new music, which for anyone who’s been a fan of hers since the Lizzie McGuire days, is very exciting.

The put together former child star was spotted in LA today looking at new schools for her son Luca. 

Hopefully they found a good one. Although now the paparazzi know where it is. Which might not be such a bad thing. In fact you guys, Hilary has proven than sometimes the paps aren’t that bad.

See celebrities! When they’re not hitting One Direction fans in the head with their cameras, the paparazzi can be kind of sweet. Also, that picture is very adorable. If you need context: Luca fell and scratched his knee, at which point Hilary kissed it. Too cute.

Now for more cuteness, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the Duff/Comrie clan. I am truly impressed with Hilary. Girl has made life work in her favor. Brava.