Hilary Duff Cycles For Charity And To Shed The Baby Weight [PHOTOS]

June 3rd, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Go Hilary Duff! Go! We believe in you!

The former child star and current hot mama was spotted at the Santa Monica Pier Sunday participating in Pedal on the Pier. The event helps raise money for inner city school children by having patrons ride 100 stationary bikes for 100 miles. No wonder Hilary took sister Hailey with her. Who wants to bike 100 miles alone?

While Hilary isn’t exactly down to her pre-baby size, she told US Weekly that she really didn’t care about it too much. Well that’s lovely. Now keep biking and take that baby weight off! I kid, I kid. Also, where is the baby?

Sadly, baby Luca couldn’t make it to the charity event. I’m sure he was very busy playing with some keys and looking at his own feet in wonder. Babies are so easily amused.

However Hilary decides to look, she’ll be fabulous to me. I mean, you gotta love a girl who start off as Lizzie McGuire and ends up happily married with a baby.

By Sabba Rahbar

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