Hilary Duff & Baby Luca Enjoy Lunch, Hilary Has Interesting Moment With Pacifier [PHOTOS]

Hilary Duff
The star walked in the Heart Truth fashion show.
It’s still a trip seeing Hilary Duff out and about with her ridiculously cute baby, Luca.

The former Disney star was spotted in Los Angeles over the weekend heading to The Farm Restaurant with her papa and sister. Aww, guys, remember when Hilary and Haylie Duff were all the rage? Well, that sorta ended quickly.

Hilary looked lovely, as per usual. Looks like those skinny jeans are making another comeback. And oh my goodness! Am I the only one who wants to squeeze Luca’s cheeks? You guys want to too? Perfect! So, what exactly is Hilary doing with that pacifier?

Now, maybe it’s just cause I’m naive in these things, but I’ve never seen a mother wash a pacifier with her own mouth, as Hilary seems to do in these photos? Isn’t that kind of…weird? Like, Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby from her mouth weird? Do moms do that sort of thing? I swear, this is an honest question. Moms! Help me out here!

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of Hilary and Luca out to lunch. And take a look at those pacifier photos and tell me what you think! I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s a little strange.

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