Hilarious Halloween Headless Man Prank [VIDEO]

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Watch Ellen scare people on her show! Hilarious!
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With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is trying to finalize their pranks so they can get all the screams desired. Ellen DeGeneres has been pranking people on her show all month and the results are fantastic!

Taylor Swift seems like the easiest person in the world to frighten (hint, hint) so that’s her most common victim. Someone please get her in a haunted house that takes time to get through and videotape it.

Everyone has probably heard the story of the headless horseman, or some variation of the tale so it’s not new. What happens when a man walking down the street just happens to lose his head? I’d imagine people would be screaming immediately. You never know how you’ll really react to a situation until you’re thrown into it.

Trying to figure out how exactly he managed to perform the illusion was impossible, at least for me. If someone can figure out how he did it, I’d love to know! This reminds me of something Criss Angel would try to do.

Just a few days remain until the spooktacular holiday, so if you’re planning on revealing some tricks, make sure you get a good grasp on them now!

Until then, check out the video above and comment below!