Highlighted Baby Winner Sued By Former Mouthpiece

Larry Birkhead’s former attorney Debra Opri has filed a document in court accusing him of not paying his legal fees. Opri had initially presented Birkhead with a bill for $650,000! Jesus, remind me to never impregnate a rich slut with a crazy lawyer who will imprison the baby! This chick gets $475 an hour for her services. No wonder why so many peeps of mine opted for law school.

In the petition to the court, filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Opri claims Larry Birkhead “has refused and continues to refuse to pay [her] for any of her services.” She now wants a judge to step in and force Larry to engage in binding arbitration.

Keep reading for Larry’s response.

Larry Birkhead replies:

Despite their filings, both Ms. Opri and her attorney received notification making them aware that I would be out of the state of California taking care of my daughter until the conclusion of an upcoming June custody hearing in the Bahamas.

Although at this time, the public is not aware of the unbelievable circumstances which led to me firing Ms. Opri, the only question at the end of the day is, how much money will Debra Opri be paying me? Thanks to the efforts of my Bahamas attorney, Emerick Knowles, I am fortunate enough now to be spending time with my daughter, Dannielynn.

June custody hearing? I thought this was all set? Is this Virgie’s doing? Old bag, shut up! Debra Opri’s legal fees included charging Birkhead everything but the kitchen sink – we’re even talking “laundry service for Opri’s husband”. What? Why the hell would he be paying for his lawyer’s husband’s laundry to be done? Wash your own drawers!