Higher Fees Are One More Reason Not To Fly Spirit Airlines

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So in addition to sub-par service, rude flight attendants, late departure times and crusty old seats, Spirit Airlines is hiking up the price of your carry-on bag from $45 to $100 on November 6th should it get to the gate without having paid the overhead bin fee.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Oh, and checked bag fees will go up as well.  

Spirit Airlines, which claims to have the cheapest prices of any airline, is just as expensive as other airlines when all is said and done.  Take a look at this baggage fee chart, which the site labels as “optional fees.”  I can’t even begin to explain to you how it all works, because the chart is so difficult to understand.

Spirit was the first airline to charge passengers for overhead use, more or less defeating the purpose of its low-fares promise.  The company claims that they offer “ultra low base fares” and passengers can pay fees for the “extras they value,” according to the Los Angeles Times.  Necessary clothing for a trip is a valued extra?  Shut the front door!

Do yourselves a favor a book on major airlines that provide cleaner seats and free carry-ons…for now.