Hide Your Cameras and Memory Cards, Diddy’s Hanging With Sienna

The New York Post reports that Diddy’s entourage wanted no photographic evidence of him hanging out with Sienna Miller at Crobar in NYC last Saturday night. Everyone involved seems to be trying to be very careful to stress that Diddy had nothing to do with this incident. Despite the fact that he did send goons over to grab cameras when he was caught rolling up with Sienna onto her hotel Sunday morning. So I’m guessing he sets the policy. My only question is why are people grabbing bitches’ cameras and memory cards if there was nothing going on?

A Saturday night clubgoer at Crobar tried to take a photo of Combs and Miller dancing together. A security guard who entered with Diddy’s entourage responded by taking the camera from her hand and confiscating the memory card.

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“After the girl took the photo, Diddy didn’t say or do anything,” a witness said. “By the time he was 20 feet away, one of the security guys handed the camera to the bouncer, the bouncer handed it to the girl, and the memory card was gone.”

Insiders at Crobar said the snapper has since filed a police report, and detectives descended on the soon-to-be-shuttered club Monday afternoon to retrieve footage from the security tape.

Uh, excuse me, where’s my memory card? You’d think he was negotiating to sell suitcase nukes to the North Koreans, as opposed to just trying to get into the pants of some slag actress. I STILL have no idea what this bitch Sienna does. As for Diddy, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Kim Porter’s got a good case for some Harry Winstons.