Hey Spain! What’s Up? It Is I, Jennifer Lopez!

March 22nd, 2007 // 3 Comments

JLO’s back in the business of pimping albums and here are some pix of the diva herself in Barcelona, for the release of her new CD later this month. Her rocks have long since fooled me, since she looks nothing like a “Jenny from the Block,” but I digress. Girlfriend is also gearing up for her performance on “American Idol,” as well as her stint on the show as a coach. I have a sneaking suspicion her advice will consist of a lot of recommendations for highlights and spray-on tans.


More photos of Jennifer Lopez in Barcelona, during her promotional tour, after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. MJK

    Look carefully!

    They still have mullets in Spain! ROCK ON!

  2. Madrid y Barna

    This woman has nothing to do in Spain, here is just loved by gay people and they like her as a woman, not as a singer…she usually uses so much makeup that looks like a travesti…
    She´s also liked for her body…you know…forget she´s an actress or a singer…she´s just a very madeup body!

  3. melissa

    Yup.There’s nothing left of the old Jenny from the block.I heard her new CD .Sounds like crap sountrack from a telenovela.She’s lost her looks her ,her sexyness and most of all her passion since Mr.Death has been following her around.Only Ben can save her now

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