Hey Hot Stuff: Mark Wahlberg Signs Autographs In New York City [PHOTOS]

Mark Wahlberg is busy making the rounds for his latest action flick, Contraband (out Friday), which means we get many a delicious photo of the Dorchester-born hottie-tottie.  Not only that, but we get to learn more about the rough-around-the-edges Wahlberg, who once wore his pants ’round his ankles.  Feel The Vibration!

Vulture talked to Wahlberg about the film version of Entourage, his family’s burger joint back in Boston and what he’d never get away with these days.

We’re just waiting for Doug [Ellin] to finish the script, so it’s in the works,” Wahlberg said.  “I call and harass him all the time. Every day, I spend at least two hours on the phone working on projects, mostly writers — hassling them about hurrying up and delivering their scripts.”

Has Wahlberg ever smuggled goods like his character in Contraband?  “A few things here and there, out of necessity,” Wahlberg explained.  “Only things that I need from other countries that I don’t think I could find here. Back in the day, we may have transported a little illegal marijuana here or there, but not in this day and age. Those days are long gone.”

And yes, his family is putting together a reality show based on their Hingham, MA restaurant, Wahlberger’s.  “The menu and the restaurant is more of a reflection of our upbringing and our childhood, growing up in Dorchester, so there is the “double decker” and the “triple decker,” like the house we lived in, “Wahlberg said.  “But maybe we should add the Dirk Hot Dog. The Dirk Diggler Dog, just for shits and giggles.”