Hey Guys, Please Don’t Hit On Henry Cavill When His Girlfriend Is Around

Henry Cavill Works It
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First of all, would you look at that cheeky face. That’s the face of a guy who’s thinking, “I am getting paid to be Superman. I believe you would say my life is great.”

Henry Cavill and his happy face were in New York City today, talking about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Good Morning America. I feel like Henry has been plugging this movie a lot more than Ben Affleck has. Maybe Ben is waiting for next week?

Who knows. But we do know how Henry feels about ladies hitting on him. 

Henry told the UK’s Sunday Times (via People Magazine) that he thinks there’s a “double standard” when it comes to ladies yelling things at him. “I mean, if a girl shouts something like, ‘Oi, love, fancy a shag?’ to me as I walk past, I do sometimes wonder how she’d feel if a builder said that to her. Although, of course, I wouldn’t feel physically threatened, as she might.” And that really is where the main difference is, right? Sure, a guy might not like it, but there’s less of a chance that a lady will get up in your face and be threatening if you don’t respond.

Henry also told the magazine that usually he’s fine with the things ladies say to him, unless they’re saying in front of his girlfriend Tara King, specifically because they’re trying to bug her.

“I’ve heard some things in my time, I have to say. I’d best not say what. I don’t mind it – not unless I’m with my girlfriend and someone is being complimentary to me in order to disrespect her. People who don’t respect other people’s feelings really get my goat. The pressure that comes from dating someone in the public eye is enormous. Because that person’s fans of the opposite sex dislike you, there’s often a deep and nasty backlash, which is incredibly unfounded and unfair.”

This is exactly what we were talking about with Charlie Hunnam reaching out to his fans about being nicer to his girlfriend. Again, joking about someone’s significant other (“Oh no, Katy Perry stole my man!”) is one thing, but being actively mean is something completely different.

I look forward to hearing what else Henry has to say about this subject, and you know people are going to keep asking him about it, especially because Tara will likely be on his arm as he promotes Batman V Superman. Good luck to them both. And if you’d like to stare at some Henry, please launch the gallery and enjoy.