Hey Girl, Check Out These Ryan Gosling Earrings

Ryan Gosling Is Cool
Photos of Ryan Gosling at his coolest.
Jewelry retailer Fred Flare has unveiled these Ryan Gosling earrings.

The jewelry features the Canadian-born Hollywood hunk’s face, which fits over the earlobes, allowing fans to be one step closer to having the 32-year-old actor star hanging on them all day long!

Online boutique FredFlare.com is taking pre-orders on the Hey Ryan Gosling studs, which are priced at $16 USD. The company says… 

“Wish you could see Ryan Gosling’s face staring back at yours all day? With these earrings, you get a double dose of him looking right back at you! These little post-back studs are the perfect way to add an extra dose of Gosling to your day.”

Will you be sporting these earrings on your lobes? Let us know in the comments below.

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