He’s Bringing Tipsy Back

Justin Timberlake’s performance on stage at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast didn’t suffer much from his having had gotten liquored up before the show. The crowd of 10,000 erupted in cheers throughout JT’s spot-on performances of his hit songs, Cry Me a River, Senorita and SexyBack. The Daily Mail reports:

The pop star, who wowed audiences at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena during the opening night of his European tour, revealed he’d been on the booze before taking to the stage.

He told the crowd: “I’ve had four of five Guinness before I came on – I love that s***.”

The star, a bachelor since his split from Cameron Diaz, also guzzled a shots of tequila.

I have based my career goals on the concept that my dream job would be one, where my being drunk could actually be considered useful for my daily job performance. And that, my friends, is why I consider myself to be a success story. Now, excuse me while I go call some people I really shouldn’t and inform each of them how much I love them.


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