He’s Bringing Tipsy Back

April 25th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Justin Timberlake’s performance on stage at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast didn’t suffer much from his having had gotten liquored up before the show. The crowd of 10,000 erupted in cheers throughout JT’s spot-on performances of his hit songs, Cry Me a River, Senorita and SexyBack. The Daily Mail reports:

The pop star, who wowed audiences at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena during the opening night of his European tour, revealed he’d been on the booze before taking to the stage.

He told the crowd: “I’ve had four of five Guinness before I came on – I love that s***.”

The star, a bachelor since his split from Cameron Diaz, also guzzled a shots of tequila.

I have based my career goals on the concept that my dream job would be one, where my being drunk could actually be considered useful for my daily job performance. And that, my friends, is why I consider myself to be a success story. Now, excuse me while I go call some people I really shouldn’t and inform each of them how much I love them.


More photos of Justin Timberlake in concert are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Justin Sucks

    Talk about a total waste of space (eye roll). This loser is soooooooo untalented and not even halfway decent looking. Plus, all the boozing and drugs he admits to, add in that super0size ego and wow, what a prize he is.

  2. lookwhaticando

    What’s up with this guy lately, his ego is like exploding. I hope Cam does not ever go back to this little boy.

  3. joan durtz

    Justin Timberlake has more talent in his baby toenail than 3/4′s of young Hollywood. This kid is extremely talented. It doesnt matter if you like his attitude or ego, he can do it all. If you don’t think he is talented I dare you to watch both of his stintz on SNL. Booya!

  4. margaretta

    Useless untalented bum now can’t even sing unless he’s tanked, if you call that singing.

  5. T-Bone

    I think this guy is talented; however, didn’t he just yell at a crowd of people at an awards show telling them to stop drinking (specifically Britney), before they end up on the cover of OK magazine? Seems a tad hypocritical…

  6. sowhat

    oh big deal. get over it.

  7. OMG

    Okay wadufuxup with this guy first of all he brags in an interview about his “awesome” experimentation with illegal substances. and now hes yelling out adimantly about boozing up before a show. Hes lucky he still was able to perform because i would of demanded for my money back. Thats so unprofecional. Im glad Cameron left his ass. heres to hoping he doesnt end up like Britany.. Haha i tried to say that without a smile on my face.

  8. Sue

    My thought exactly…wasn’t he the one yelling out to ? to stop drinking, something about “you are going to get sloppy” at a concert?! Maybe he was conversing with his alter ego, too drunk to realize he was on stage at the time!
    He did make SNL funny the couple of times he was on…loved the Dick in a Box video!

  9. lil

    If you guys went to Justin’s concert recently, you would have second thoughts on calling him untalented. This man sings, dances, plays the piano and guitar…

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