He’s OK: Robert Pattinson Kicks Back In Ojai With Buds

August 6th, 2012 // 16 Comments
Robert Pattinson

While staying at Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon‘s Ojai, CA home, Robert Pattinson hung out with friends at Deer Lodge, a country-western bar with a few buds on Saturday night (August 4th), according to witnesses.

Pattinson, who’s healing his wounds in the quiet town (north of Los Angeles), “seemed to be having an amazing time” an eyewitness told Us Weekly.  He had ”a few drinks and laughs” with friends as live country music played. “He looked like a guy that was just trying to enjoy himself and get away . . . seems like a good kid!”

A second eyewitness told the magazine that Pattinson ”kind of blended in” with his buds (a “group of good looking guys that dressed ‘hip L.A.’”). 

You townfolk.  Just adorable.

Witherspoon, whose ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe cheated on her with Stop-Loss co-star Abbie Cornish in 2006, sent Pattinson up to her country home after it was revealed that girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. rob the liar

    well now everyone will see that he wasn’t as innocent as he wanted everyone to believe. it is only a little over a week and rob is already out partying drinking and prowling for free pussy. he wanted everyone to feel sorry for him so he runs off to his friends and female friends what a loser. instead of acting like a man who supposedly was in love with kristen for 4 years and stayed and talked things out to get to the bottom of things he runs off like a high school kind so everyone else can tell him what to do instead of making decisions for himsef. well now things will come to light and all the things he did while he was with kristen with all these other women will come out. especially all of the ones that want to be with rob. i am sorry that i felt sorry for rob when i should have know he is no better than the rest of the scum in hollywood only looking out for themselves and never really locing someone. he is the one that wanted things kept wuiet while they were together that is why she was so solemn all the time and he is the one that requested the public apology

    • urstupid

      Wow, you are quite an idiot.. Why should Rob have to hide, he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s a liar, about what? Kristen destroyed the love herself. Get real.

    • Ariel

      Geeze you’re so dumb. Get a grip.

  2. Ree

    Prowling for pussy? Are you capable of reading? Out with FRIENDS. Do you expect him to remain in a cave for the next year?

    Kristen cheated on him! If he wants to move one because she’s a lying cheater who cheated with a married man with two children, so be it. If he doesn’t that is his decision, too.

  3. liz

    get over it people. he dosent’ give a fuck about kristen so leave them alone.
    good luck kristen
    good luck robert

  4. Jen B.

    FYI, the girl in the background is Shannon Woodward, a longtime friend of his. She used to date Andrew Garfield before he dropped her for his “Spider-Man” co-star Emma Stone. If Shannon’s in Ojai with him, then he truly was just out blowing off steam with friends. Probably needed a fun night out with friends after the last two weeks.

  5. JJ

    You guys do realize that pic is old, right? It’s from Katy Perry’s film premiere. This story is BS.

  6. so

    So thinking about this, I thought maybe Robsten as we know it IS gone. Robsten will never be the same again or ever be again. I’m not talking about Rob & Kristen’s relationship, no way, I know they’re fighting tooth & nail to get through this but maybe it’s our ‘idea’ of Rob & Kristen.

    Robsten to me encapsulates this fairytale ideal born out of a teenage romance movie and set in fire by a classic ‘struggle for love’ story.

    He was a shy young English lad who feel in love with a fierce, Californian free spirit. He pined for her and had to wait until she was free but then they fought to be together despite an evil Studio that wanted them to be apart and a media that tried to box them and manipulate their image.

    They remained strongly private and protective of their love but never could hide how in love they were, in candid premiere photos or interviews. We all believed they were fused to each others spirits and nothing could break them.

    Then July happened. And it was clear that they were just like everyone else.

    If Rob & Kristen do/are staying together (and I believe this to be true) then perhaps we should just look at them honestly. People who have flaws and who are just trying to navigate their way from young love to a truly committed and adult relationship. If you ask me, THIS could be the most exciting chapter of their relationship. This is the point in their journey together where they stand and really make the decision that they are going to to be together now and in the future.

    Forget about an 18 year old girl who fell in love with a 21 year old boy. We have now a woman who knows what she wants and what is most important in her life. We have a man who is coming into his own, who may make the choice that this love really is worth fighting for. This can be a hard challenge which they could grow and become stronger from.

    So if Robsten v2.0 emerges, I’m going to try and pull back from projecting my maybe unattainable ideals about love and relationships. Take a look at your own life. For those who are are in longterm relationships is it all rosey and sweet and hand holding? Yes sometimes but when you are in a longterm relationship, when you are in love it’s my belief you do have to cut the bullshit and really fight for that love. You have to be ready to get down and dirty to make it work and do whatever you can to help your partner succeed and for yourself to be happy. It’s a tricky battle but sometimes making that conscious decision that you WANT THIS, only makes you & your love stronger.

    If Rob and Kristen do stay together… THAT is a R/K relationship that everybody had watch out for.

  7. Dani

    For those who haven’t realized this pic is old!!!

  8. old pic

    That’s the famous Party Bus. Rob and the Biebs and ALL THOSE girls were on for the Katy Perry after party. meh

  9. old pic

    btw Kristen was working in Paris when that picture in LA was taken.

  10. IknowBetter

    Hey Socialite that’s a photo from the after-party of Katy Perry’s movie Parts of Me so I just shot down your supposed info

  11. please

    lmao. that is an old picture. i also like how all the crazy kristen fans are attacking him. keep it classy.

  12. kiss

    Get it Rob.

  13. Jenny8675309

    Oh yeah, I was there too. Me and my friends, Santa Claus and Easter Bunny did some shots with him. That dude is totally cool! I mean, seriously people, do you not think there would be a hundred pictures of him if he was really out at some bar in Ojai where everyone knew he was staying?? Think before you comment. He wasn’t there.

  14. Abby

    another bogus story. Rob wasn’t in the bar. The photo is old. As usual, news is being invented.

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