Here’s The Situation: Too Many Abs To Choose From!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino who has taken his fifteen minutes of fame to the next level several times over, is now releasing a workout DVD. His new music album, ridiculous negotiations of his contract on the second season of Jersey Shore and his appearance on Wall Street just aren’t enough for this guy. He now wants to advise other human beings how to be a total douche bag. Awesome.

Something I wasn’t aware of, because I couldn’t watch ten minutes of the Jersey Shore
without the intelligence being sucked out of my brain, is that Mike is
actually a former personal trainer. So he has experience in this arena. Its not just a lift your shirt every five seconds thing. The title of this work of art will be, Sitch’s Ab Secrets.

Mike is asking his Facebook fans to help him decide on a cover
shot by voting on his profile page. People can vote between a shirtless
shot or his signature lift & dazzle shot! You can expect this little
DVD gem to come out in December. I’m hoping we will have forgotten
about these Jersey Shore kids by then, but I’m pretty sure God hates me and that isn’t going to happen.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
is on the second season of MTV’s Jersey Shore. New episodes premiere every Thursday @ 10 PM.