Here’s the 420, er 411: Mark Paul Gosselar Joins Weeds

Zac Morris a.k.a. Mark Paul Gosselar is joining the cast of Showtime’s Weeds this upcoming season. Are we taking bets if he’ll disrobe?

The Saved By the Bell alum will join Mary Louise Parker for one episode as Jack, a rough-and-tumble type bar owner who slips Parker’s Nancy more than just a drink. Did you get that innuendo? I’m talking about them having sex. I’m just glad he’s getting work after his wife dumped him.

Speaking of, check out the gallery below of the new single dad with his kids. Any takers?

The sixth season of Weeds premieres Aug. 16 at 10 p.m. on Showtime, so call your dealer cause you know how potheads lose all track of time. I love this show so I can’t wait!