Here’s Your Chance To See All The Movies Released In 2012 Including Twilight [VIDEO]

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If you have about seven minutes to spare, this is definitely something you want to tune into.

Songs have been getting mashed together as a year end review since the end of December. Now people are beginning to combine the movies of 2012. We really don’t realize how many songs and movies are released until something like this crosses our radars. Many of the films were unrecognizable.

The most fun part about compilations like this is trying to figure out which movies you recognize though, right?

2012 was the year of Twilight, The Avengers, and Magic Mike.  Devoted Twihards has conflicting feelings about the movie. Watching this little compilation is bound to bring all of those emotions back rather quickly.

Not many movies of this year were really the biggest hits, but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable. Magic Mike got a lot of press due to their extremely attractive men. Was the story line that great? No, but when you have hot men dancing around in almost nothing, it doesn’t matter what the plot is.

Which movies released in 2012 were your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!