Here’s Something New, Katie Holmes Happy!

While Katie Holmes has it all; married to legendary actor Tom Cruise and one of the cutest little girls ever to call her own, we have seen nothing but sad faces out of her for some time in the media. This could very well be because we don’t see what she is seeing as these pictures are taken, i.e. a slew of photographers swarming her every move. She may simply not be happy about the extra attention or she might be making the conscious choice to not give them any reaction or reward for their efforts. But still, we wonder is she happy?

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With accusations from Star about drug use, which she is claiming as libel, outbursts from Tom like the infamous Oprah couch jump and her recent filming of The Kennedys in limbo, some confusion is understandable. But it is a good sign that Katie is always on the go with Suri, even recently spending time in Vancouver while Tom is filming for the Mission Impossible series. In fact, Katie and Suri took in the Broadway musical How To succeed In Business Without Really Trying starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe just days ago. Radcliffe recently told Daily Mail that he references Tom’s Oprah breakdown in the play, so it would seem that Katie is in good spirits and still has the ability to laugh at life. Seen above stepping out of her NYC apartment, Katie is looking fashionably at home in Manhattan. Having just completed filming of the new movie Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler I am excited to see her upcoming work and hopefully some more smiling from the beauty.