Here Are 15 Of Justin Timberlake’s Best Suit & Tie Looks Just Because We Love Him

Finally Justin Sans Shirt!
Enough talking about Justin with clothes on! Here's him shirtless!
Ok, so pretty much Justin Timberlake can do no wrong and that is why I love him.

My obsession with JT sky rocketed when he “brought sexy back” and keeps growing every time the man opens his mouth.  I just wish Justin would serenade me.  The only one who probably gets that honor is Jessica Biel, so I’ll have to keep on dreaming.  The other thing I absolutely love about Justin is that he is pretty much a phenomenal dresser!

Let’s just forget about those NSYNC years (that infamous denim suit).  Justin really has come a long way.  His hair and dress are on point at all times, making him a fashion icon.  Justin rocks a suit like no one else.  He did pen a song all about suit’s and tie’s, which got me inspired to honor my man JT.

So here are 15 of Justin’s best suit and tie looks because he really is the most fashionable man I’ve ever seen, and the hottest.

Launch the gallery to ogle at Justin in all types of suits and ties.