Her Royal Hotness, Gwen Stefani

In the May issue of Elle, Gwen Stefani claims to be vain because she cares about “the visual.”  Vain, schmain.  Gwen rules, not only because she is married to hotness Gavin Rossdale (whom I’ve loved since the days of Bush), but because she and Rossdale have managed to create the two most adorable boys on planet earth.

PHOTOS: Just Another Day For The Rossdales

Gwen talked about her relationship with Gavin, which brings a lot of us back to the days when he courted the young No Doubt frontwoman.  Stefani told the fashion mag, “The first time we ever kissed was right around Valentine’s Day – we were in New Orleans on tour. So, yeah, I always think about that because it’s unbelievable that we’ve been able to stay together.  I feel so proud of us – it’s one of my biggest achievements.”

Stefani looks spectacular on the cover in a Givenchy dress, but it’s the captivating images inside the magazine that drive the point home: Gwen Stefani is f_____ awesome.