Henry Cavill Is The New Guy In Town

January 17th, 2008 // 10 Comments

This British actor guy Henry Cavill is on Showtime’s “The Tudors” and is the new face of Dunhill’s “London” fragrance. Here he is giving face at the Selfridge’s store in jolly ole’ England. He’s also starring in that new flick with Natalie Portman and Scarjo called “The Other Boelyn Girl”. So someone’s overdosing on his historical drama roles. He’s a piece, eh? And on “The Tudors”! In ruffles! And tights! Hot. And his eyes are less crazy than Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Hell, Charlie Manson’s eyes are less crazy than Jonathan’s.

Photos: Getty Images

More photos of Henry Cavill of “The Tudors” at a photocall as the new face of Dunhill ‘London’ fragrance after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images

By J. Harvey

  1. T

    damn! why can’t I live in London??? :[[[[ I missed this great opportunity of meeting him! :[[[ soon he will be very famous and I will never have the chance of meeting him! :[[ so sad! ;[

  2. Fuchsia

    Yeah, he is a hot piece. Loooove his character on The Tudors. I’d still take JRM over him though, crazy eyes and all.

  3. I'd fuck him

    He is the hottest piece of ass on television, in my humble yet expert opinion on male hotness :) And watching him on the Tudors…WOW. I hope he gives as good as he pretends to give!!

  4. Annette

    Henry is not in The Other Boelyn Sister

  5. Scott

    WTF is up with his (untied) bow tie? Who’s shows up to an “event” where one knows they’ll be photographed on the “red carpet” looking like a dumb-ass who doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie?

  6. Eden

    He is reinacting the Dunhill ad, his tie is untied in the pictures for the campaign as well.

  7. Sensibleineveryotherway

    His undone tie is, Scott, of course, a sign of his unbridled passion – you should try it some time :)
    It means he’ll be ready to take me as soon as he gets back in the limo…hmmm gettin’ it on in a limo with Henry Cavill….nice fantasy….

  8. bunnyontherocks

    Oh goodness, I would rather have him than JRM anytime!!!!

    His face and voice are all just soo enthralling!

    If this is how the British hot youth looks like, then Long Live the Brit Men!

  9. mina

    i’ve never seen a guy hotter than henry cavill

  10. jayface

    i understand your vision . do you have a vision for africa who are talented and need help to come out

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