Henry Cavill Is Using His ‘Superman’ Skills To Help The Animals At The Durrell Wildlife Park

Shirtless Henry Cavill!
The 'Man Of Steel' star goes shirtless on set.
Superman is saving the animals! Well, okay, Henry Cavill is saving them, but that’s basically the same thing, right?

Henry has taken a few days off from filming Batman V Superman: Honestly, I Really Hope It’s Good to visit the Durrell Wildlife Park in Europe, where he is currently an ambassador.

Henry even started Cavill Conservation to get others involved with Durrell. Don’t you want to help save the animals? That is what I thought. 

In a statement, Henry said about of Durrell:

“I’m enormously proud to be part of a team that makes such a huge positive impact on the world. Durrell is an organization with a mission I can really get behind. I feel that saving the diversity of life on our planet will be seen as increasingly important in the not-too-distant future. I genuinely believe that Durrell provide hope for those endangered animals that others may have given up on already. They ‘do the seemingly impossible’; I would be truly humbled if I help to make that possible.”

I love the use of the semicolon. And just because I can, allow me to draw your attention to his pants. Yes, that is the Cavill bulge. Sorry, back to more important things.

Check out the video of Henry below to see how you can help the animals. And don’t forget to launch the gallery for some Henry hotness. Wouldn’t it be fun if they put a random scene in Batman V Superman where he has to save a wildlife park? Zack Snyder! Use it!