Henry Cavill, Amy Adams & More Bring The Sexy & Sultry To The Premiere Of ‘Man Of Steel’

Shirtless Henry Cavill!
The 'Man Of Steel' star goes shirtless on set.
Friends, if you can find something more amazing to start your day off with than Henry Cavill looking beyond sexy in a suit, let me know, because that’s how I want to start every morning.

Henry and his Man Of Steel co-stars hit the red carpet last night (June 10) for the world premiere of the Superman flick. Henry’s Lois Lane, Amy Adams was looking particularly sexy with her long black gown and striking red hair.

Honestly, this new Man Of Steel could be super boring and we’ll still be obsessed with Henry’s super buff Superman. Although, judging from reviews, we’re in for a treat. 

Also, Bill Nye was totally at the premiere last night and helped to make it even more awesome. Guys, Bill Nye is a boss. Oh! And there’s a great picture of Laurence Fishburne. You’re just gonna have to look through the gallery for that one.

So are you guys as excited for Man Of Steel as we are? I’m hoping they can give us a good Superman movie. After the debacle that was Superman Returns, I think we’re owed this.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet and tell us how excited you are in the comments!