Help Out Peter Facinelli On Twitter And Get A Chair Backing!

Peter Facinelli, the world’s sexiest 300 year old vampire, needs our help.

PFac recently made a bet with his friend Rob “Rob D.” DeFranco, that if PFac can get 500,00 Twitter followers by tomorrow, then Rob D. has to dance on Hollywood Blvd. in a bikini while singing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and holding a sign that says “Twitter Me.”

If DeFranco wins and PFac can’t get 500,000 followers, then he has to give Rob D. the back of his Twilight director’s chair.

No one wants that to happen, right? So everyone go and follow Peter Facinelli! He’s even spiced up the bet saying that if he wins, he will give the back of his director’s chair to one of his followers. Is there a better conversation starter than the back of chair that has PFac’s name on it? Nope, didn’t think so.

Go follow, get your friends to follow, get your friends’ friends to follow, and you just might get that awesome chair back.

Gallery Info: Peter Facinelli and wife Jennie Garth make their way through LAX.