Hello, My Name Is Zahara

September 27th, 2007 // 25 Comments


I wish. That would be a sweet gig. I love that Zahara’s totally in that phase that Maddox inhabited for a good chunk of time as getting to be the one toted around by Angie. Her name tag is quite cute. It’s given me a brilliant idea for a Halloween costume. Because really, if it only takes a name tag, then why not? I’d just have to stare in the mirror and practice her perfectly-honed expression of perpetual disinterest. Then, I’d be good to go.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. She is going to need that nametag so people can actually remember her name, lol.

  2. sandy

    Angie has to put name tags on her kids so SHE can remember them. How many does she have now? 10??

  3. amle

    Z has to have a name tag so she doesnt get confused with Piloh Shitt.
    I thought Angelina didnt like the attention going to and from school. Sure cant tell it by the “I love attention” smile on her face.

  4. seereeena

    Angie is pretty oblivious to how uncomfortable her kids are in front of the paparazzi. I never she Zahara smiling maybe once..

    At least Mia Farrow raised her kids all under one roof and they had some privacy. I think they had a house in connecticut?

  5. ZeldaF

    amle…….. Come on now, she’s just an innocent baby…. In 20 years, maybe you can use that name, but right now… she’s just a BABY. Ridicule her whore mongering media whore parents – I’m right there along side you, but not the innocent baby……… For shame.

  6. The kid is very cute

  7. someone

    Angie is lovin the attention as usual, Zahara….not so much

  8. Ugh

    Oh God, I had a great night and woke up to looking at trash on the intermet again. Will she ever go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. skinny fat

    Enough of this skank already. Yo, Mangie, children are not props!

  10. anti

    the baby probably had a name tag on because she was going to a play group or pre school, give angie a break.

  11. anti

    the baby probably had a name tag on because she was going to a play group or pre school, give angie a break.

  12. Kristen

    Is that kid ever going to age? She’s looked the same since her adoption.

  13. Eyes of Green

    I think Zahara has the most adorable facial expressions…she can really give the ‘tude!

  14. Jerry L. Beaudin

    I love the Angelina, Only few million more kids
    and we won’t have to worry!

  15. missy

    Jesus God – if you want to see pics of Zahara smiling, go to Pittwatch or JustJared. The kid isn’t a clown; she smiles when she feels like it, and she laughs out loud when something’s funny. And, when she’s not pleased, her face tells that too. She’s a beautiful happy little princess – eat your heart out, Jealous Ones. Leave her and her parents alone. They could care less what you jealous evil beings think.

  16. claire

    god forgive me but that is one ugly ass kid

  17. yelloh

    y’all need to get a life and let them be!

  18. Winnie

    Why is it that people think that Zahara’s “tude” is cute or appealing?

    I find pushy, mean, jealous little girls VERY UNAPPEALING, because they turn into demanding, spoiled, bossy, dislikeable young women. That no one wants to be around….

  19. Winnie

    I find it interesting that bloggers are frequently calling Zahara a princess? HUH?

    What happened to Shiloh? IS SHE CINDERSHI?

    I always thought princess’ were supposed to be good, even tempered, sweet, kind girls/young women. I can see none of these attributes in Zahara. All I see is jealous, selfish, mean looks, ME ME ME young girl (it’s been a long time since “Z” looked little).

    As for her physical looks, I tink Zee is going to grow into a large person, especially with all he ice cream she wolfs down. For some reason, (probably her behavior, and the way she treats her siblings and other people, this girl is very unappealing to me).

    Another thing I would like to know is why do people cheer on her bad behavior? I.E. “Z” is going to kick some butt” “Z” can really give the tude’ Why is this funny, or a good thing?

    I think she is just a spoiled, mean, PUSHY girl and having rich parents has on exacerbated the situation.

    Whatever happened to teaching our children right from wrong? and good manners? I know, I know, having good manners isn’t popular or intersting these days, bu it’s what separates us from animals and makes us human.

    No wonder she is called a troll, a monkey, a baboon and whatever inflammatory labels some bloggers can come up with.

  20. Softwhispers

    claire said:
    “god forgive me but that is one ugly ass kid”

    Posted on October 14, 2007 03:25 PM

    G*d forgive me but claire is a very ugly person on the inside….probably on the outside, too.

  21. KriNa~

    haha hilarious posts up here.

  22. Angel

    I feel the need to point out Angies smile is directed at Maddox who’s head can be seen just below her hand?

    How bad a parent she is smiling at her children!!!!!

  23. lmfao

    OK, I am all for innocent children, and Shiloh is way cute, but that “Piloh Shitt” remark made me nearly pee my pants from laughing so hard. I imagine Brangelina didn’t think of that when they named her. But you can be sure the mean kids at school will be creative in a few years.

  24. Cablasian Beauty

    Oh GOD .. !!!!!! She is just a kid!.. Im sure none of us walk around looking sweet and smiling 24/7– give it a rest and if u take the time to name call and pass judgement on babies then lord help the world .!!!!! At least let her get old enought to do an interview so we can here her side .. GEESH! .. what’s wrong with youhateful jealous bastards and bitches???

  25. Cut them some slack

    try being a toddler and going out in public with your parents and suddenly you’ve got people shoving cameras in your face, screaming your name to get you to turn around…I’d have a sour look on my face too. It has to be terrifying for a kid! And no, I don’t blame the parents. The Jolie-Pitts seem to be very caring and loving parents. anyone who takes in another person’s child and raises them rates high in my book. I blame the rude paps who have no respect for personal space and the people who buy the resulting pictures.

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