Hello And Goodbye To The Year’s Television Shows

And so, another season sets on our beloved television programs.  This time of year brings closure for some and complications for others.  Many characters perish, some marry and some simply break out hearts.  Join me, won’t you, for a look back at the 2009-2010 season.  Sitcoms, dramas and reality TV.  Who showed their teeth, who rose from the ashes into television greatness, and who just needs to not be near us.  With most of our favorite programs taking a hiatus, we’ll also map out the summer line-up.  Traditionally, summer series are more or less craptastic.  However, it’s important to keep a steady flow of DVR when the rain sets in or you forgot to re-apply the SPF (brutal).  Or if you’re like me and live in New York City, it’s just too damn hot to be outside.  On with the show!

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite tv shows are, I start with Monday and move through the week.  I should probably clarify “favorite” tv shows here.  Some, like Melrose Place and Pretty Wild are on my DVR out of habit.  Or guilty pleasure.  I haven’t decided yet. I’m a pop culture blogger.  It’s my duty to watch as much bad television as I can.

Monday: Life Unexpected, Gossip Girl, Kell On Earth, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood
Tuesday: 90210, Melrose Place, Glee, Parenthood, The Good Wife, The Hills, The City
Wednesday: Mercy, Modern Family
Thursday: Flash Forward, The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Real Housewives Of New York City, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, The Office
Saturday: Saturday Night Live
Sunday: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendra, Pretty Wild, Giuliana & Bill

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Shows I loved this year:
Mercy-I’m a sucker for medical dramas, and was eager to start watching NBC’s answer to Grey’s Anatomy
The show focused on nurse Veronica Callahan (Taylor Schilling) after she
returned home from a tour of duty in Iraq.  As the season progressed,
Callahan’s post-traumatic stress disorder intensified, making
it difficult for her to move on with her life.  Every episode’s plot
had a good balance of on-the-job humor and medical droomz we viewers
love so much.  Unfortunately, NBC is too cool for school and cut Mercy from their Fall 2010 line-up.   

The Vampire Diaries- I have a love affair with vampires, but True Blood grosses me out (I can see the angry villagers with torches from here).  So when the CW announced a series about Edward Cullen’s kind,
I counted myself in because that teeny-bopperin’ network wouldn’t get
so…graphic.  I was hooked within the first few episodes and developed
a serious crush on Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder).  While it
didn’t hurt that the vampires were breathtakingly gorgeous, every
episode was a cliff-hanger.  The plot would lead you left and then
drastically shift right.  The show has a great way of bringing the
supernatural to life, and the season finale had me glued to the TV set,
DYING for September to roll around.  I have to wait all summer to see
what happens? For reals?  And yes, The Vampire Diaries is coming back for season two.

Modern Family- Definitely a staple on everyone’s DVR this season, Modern Family was a sitcom missing since the days of Friends and Seinfeld
It’s been all reality for so long, that the idea of a half hour comedy
was a lost art until Fall 2009.  ABC seriously lucked out with this
golden egg, because for the past couple of years or so they’ve really
been known for their dramas.  Even though Cougar Town  (another
ABC freshman sitcom) has also been picked up for another season, Modern
is actually funny.   The writing is creative, the characters
have great comedic timing, and Ed O’Neill looks stupendous in those velour track suits.  And where the sod has Ty Burrell been all our lives?  Of course Modern Family is coming back for a second season.

Glee- I can’t say enough about this show or these actors.  I
have just about every song on my Ipod and love to recite Sue
Sylvester’s “kitty cat” speech to my friends.  If the cast members are
exhausted from memorizing dance moves on top of lines, they’re not
showing it.  It’s hard to find a triple threat in Hollywood to sing,
dance and act, but somehow Glee weeded out the weak and delivered one
of the year’s breakout series.  And with the Gaga edition tomorrow
night, we’re all geared up to hear Rachele Berry belt out “Bad
Romance.”  And when is Quinn going to pop out that child?  Would Puck
mind growing that mohawk back please?  Glee
will be returning for season two.  Aren’t you dying to find out if
Schuester and Emma Pillsbury get together?  Poor coach Tanaka.

Ehhhh, Not So Much
Flash Forward- I was super-hooked on the first chunk of Flash Forward episodes.  The global black-out, the first time I saw Simon Campos (Dominic Monaghan)
up and at ‘em at the baseball game while everyone else was passed out. 
It was the type of idea that could actually happen, and that scared me
into watching.  But after a “winter hiatus” (what a crappy concept.  Don’t give us two season finales per year, please), the show started to lose me.  The story became convoluted and
the direction of the show was lost on me.   What was the point of the
blackout, Mr. Scientist?  And can we just get to April 29th already? 
Sadly, none of these questions will be answered, because Flash Forward has been canceled.

Melrose Place-  The first episode of this 90s revival was pretty
good.  The campiness was present and the characters were sexy.  But
like any fluff-fluff show, MP began to nose dive with really weak
episodes and the rotting presence of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (who thankfully drove off into the sunset
with that chef).  Alas, the fate of the other tenants was sealed when
ratings dipped, and CW gave them the ole’ snip snip.  No season
two for you!  What’s worse is that 90210 will be back for a third season. WHY?  Oh, and BTW CW, please please please don’t bring back your reality attempts: Fly Girls and High Society.  We’ve got enough of that self-promoting garbage on Bravo.  Save your money for flufferton teenage dramas, like more Gossip Girl and Life Unexpected (which are both coming back next Fall).

Summer Shows To Distract You From Finale Aftershock
Your DVR is empty and nights at home might have to be spent
reading.  My goodness, get ahold of yourself.  There are plenty of new
shows to be watched and recorded. 

Pretty Little Liars- You’re all well aware that my taste in
television is random, for lack of a better word.  I rarely discriminate
based on the synoposis of the show (I usually save that for the
actors).  The producers behind The Vampire Diaries created a new series on ABC Family, Pretty Little Liars.  And like a moth to a flame, I turn the channel to ABC Family.  The series stars Lucy Hale (Priveleged) and the trailer looks SO GOOD.  The show follows four friends separated by a damaging secret after the disappearance of their “Queen Bee.'”  Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday, June 8th at 8pm on ABC Family.

Bethenny Getting Married-Leave to Andy Cohen and Bravo to
make sure our summer is chock full of smutty TV.  Now is the perfect
time for NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel to get her own reality
spin-off, I suppose.  Why fight with bonehead Kelly Bensimon
when there is a newborn to be showcased and a marriage to be
exploited.  Am I being harsh?  Maybe I’m just cranky.  Still, I’m on
the fence about whether I support this spin-off or not.  At the first mention of this show, I thought Frankel was a sell-out.  But as the Real Housewives Of New York City
moved through a very stressful season, I started to see why Frankel
wanted to ditch the bitches.  Man, do I need a Xanax after each
episode.  Jill Zarin, you should be ashamed of yourself. 
Kelly, your verbal diarrhea is worse than mine.  The franchise is
becoming wayyyy too big for its britches, so perhaps Bethenny Getting Married
will be the summer fluff we viewers so badly need.  “I went to culinary
school, you moron!” Watch the premiere on Bravo Thursday, June 10th at

The Gates- It appears that ABC is hopping on the vampire wagon,
and I’m okay with that.  As part of its “summer series,” the network
will premiere a sci-fi drama with a sprinkle of Desperate Housewives (at least that’s what I’m getting from the synopsis/preview). 
It’s your typical “Plesantville with a dark secret drama.”  City family
moves to a gated community to escape their complicated past, only to
find that darker days are just ahead of them.  Listen, the promo had
shots of fangs and vampire eyes.  SOLD.  The Gates premieres on ABC Sunday, June 20th at 10pm.

Mad Men-The fourth season of this award winning show is back!  Hurrah Don Draper, you handsome scumbag
Everything about the show is so wrong, but it just feels so right. 
Smoking in the office, a tumbler of scotch whilst typing up a
contract.  I miss the good ole days of taking a letter and leaving the
office at four.  Where have all the flowers gone? And will Betty follow
through with that quickie Reno divorce? Catch the fourth season
premiere on AMC Sunday, July 25th at 10pm.Jersey Shore-The show that put educated tri-state zeroes on the map is back for a second season.  Now, Snooks and company are taking Ed Hardy to the beaches of Miami (and many a bar).  I’m hoping to see see the residents of South Beach chase those weirdos out of town with fire crackers.  Spring Break is only cool when you’re in college.  Not when you’re in your mid-twenties.

TV Guide was clever enough to compile a 2010-2011 TV scorecard for our refence.  Click here to see which of your favorite shows made the cut.  I wish for you series finale full of answers on tonight’s Lost.  I will be starting season one this summer (Don’t Shoot! I swear, I have good reasons for never watching).