Hello Shirtless Andy Cohen! The Bravo Host Shows Off His Hot Bod In Miami [PHOTOS]

Andy Cohen Is Proud
Andy Cohen shows his gay pride in Miami!
Is anyone else consistently amazed when they see Andy Cohen’s shirtless body?

The Watch What Happens Live host had quite the morning in Miami today as he showed off his hot bod while lounging poolside. Sure the man looks amazing in suit, but we’ve gotta say, we are rather enjoying his shirtless look.

Too bad that bromance partner Sean Avery wasn’t there for them to continue celebrating. Andy looks to be having a conversation with someone on his cellphone. I’m hoping it’s one of the Real Housewives ladies calling to have Andy calm them down. Do you think he does stuff like that? 

I mean, he is the reason all those ladies are as famous as they are! So to go through it quickly: he’s successful, he’s funny and he’s got a great body. Bravo, Andy. Oh! See what I did there?

Launch the gallery to check out all of Andy’s shirtless photos. What do you guys think of his body? Still impressed by the hot factor no matter how many times you’ve seen it? Sound off in the comments!