HELLO! David and Victoria Beckham

Tickle me pink, this teaser from an exclusive HELLO! interview with David and Victoria Beckham make me realize that the Mr. and Mrs. are just a loving couple, who have found their “soul mates” …amidst Hollywood, fashion and prostitute allegations.

“Sometimes people throw s*** at us but we get through it. You deal with it, or you don’t. You go into a marriage knowing there are going to be ups and downs. We’re in the public eye so we have more to deal with than most. We accepted that years ago. It’s just about us and the family,” said Victoria.

The full interview in this week’s issue, which is available now, also features tidbits about the boys – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, their adjustment to living in the states and how the Beckham parents keep the romance alive.

After seeing the promotional video for their upcoming fragrance Intimately Yours, I know we’re all dying for more of those details.