Helena Christensen Is A Gypsy

Helena Christensen lives a carefree life, spending her time trotting between New York City (a girl has to work) and Copenhagen. She enjoys being a free spirit, and hasn’t bothered to really decorate either of her two homes.

She says, “If you walked into the places where I live, you’d think: ‘Couldn’t she afford something a little better?’ “I’m still a bit of a gypsy. I thought that when I was doing less modelling, and going into different areas, that I would find myself settled somewhere – but that hasn’t happened. And I’m happy with that. “What I really enjoy in life is that I’m always travelling and gathering new experiences. Even if you interview me when I’m 70, I think I will still be on the move.”

I’m thinking that part of her bohemian lifestyle includes dating a much younger man. The 37-year-old mode is dating Jack Houston, the 23-year old nephew of Angelica Houston. Go girl.

Christensen Keeps Her Gypsy Lifestyle [contactmusic]


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