Helena Bonham Carter Stays Consistent At ‘Dark Shadows’ European Premiere [PHOTOS]

I L-O-V-E Helena Bonham Carter.  Love the odd red carpet choices, love the acting.  Love everything.  Dare I say that tonight’s look is a bit subdued?  The hair is done up well, the dress is not nearly as quirky as I thought it would be, if history serves me correctly.  No matter, she’s with her lovebug, Tim Burton and all is well.

Carter joined co-stars Johnny Depp, Chloe Grace Moretz, Eva Green, Jonny Lee Miller and Michelle Pfeiffer at Empire Leicester Square in London today (May 9th) for the European premiere of Dark Shadows.  Per her tweet, Moretz wore a sleeveless red patterned number from McQ by Alexander McQueen.  

Green adhered to the vampire dress code and looked insanely good in a midnight blue gown by Tom Ford, according to Celebrity Fashion.  If Ford made ziploc bags, I would buy them.

Pfeiffer never puts a step wrong.  How does she do it?  Don’t answer that…But do watch Pfeiffer’s interview at the LA Premiere after the jump.