Helena Bonham Carter Receives CBE at Buckingham Palace

Carter loves crazy rumors
And the crazier, the better!
As awkwardly told by The Daily Mail, the Queen awarded her own Queen Mother the Commander of the British Empire (CBE) medal yesterday at Buckingham Palace.

But if you somehow missed Helena Bonham Carter in her award winning role as the Queen Mother in The King’s Speech, then you probably missed the joke… and lived under a rock last award season – just sayin!

True to eccentric form – riding around on a tricycle with awful make up while wearing polka dots (and no, Ms. Bonham Carter does not care what you think about her fashion choices), she wore an eye-catching tartan outfit believed to be by Dame Vivienne Westwood, teamed with super-high heels and a top hat perched on her trademark bird’s nest hair.

But the most eccentric piece was her fluorescent pink smartphone cover with large bunny ears protruding from the top. Oh, and her equally crazy haired husband, Tim Burton.