Helena Bonham Carter Loves Crazy Rumors

Despite their penchant for some pretty bizarre family tendencies and such, Helena Bonham Carter claims that she loves hearing about all the stories that the media make up about she and husband Tim Burton.

Burton, looked dazzling at The British Independent Film Awards earlier this month, wearing a bright color…not just black!

She told Total Film that the majority of the stories in the press are usually untrue and that she finds all of them absolutely ‘marvellous’…

“[People] think we’re the Addams Family! But do you know what? I think all that is rather marvellous. The more myths that follow you, it’s a more protective shell around you.

“You’ve got to keep the truth private – so the more crap they write and the more sensational it is, the further it is from the truth. It’s a sort of shell of bullshit,” she said.

She does have a point. When you make no comment, they just write whatever they want and start to believe the myth that is created. However, I still be she and Tim are into some weird shit and that’s why I love them anyway…